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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) [KA11517]


Insaniah Kulliyyah Of Medicine and Allied Health (IKMAH) is an embodiment of the vision of Insaniah.

IKMAH as a Kulliyyah under Insaniah University College (INSANIAH) is committed to excellence in medical education, and the related disciplines in health and wellness. IKMAH seeks to develop leaders in medicine, science and clinical care by fostering a culture that integrates and recognizes the interdependence of biomedical science and the delivery of health care.

This goal encompasses the following objectives:

1. To provide outstanding educational programs in health and biomedical sciences.

2. To create new knowledge leading to innovative technology and treatments and to integrate them into the practice of medicine.

3. To advance the prevention, detection and management of disease processes.

4. To teach and exemplify the highest standards of professionalism with Islamic moral and ethical dimension.

5. To develop outstanding clinicians who provide quality patient care that assures compassion, concern and serving the needs of the community.

6. Have been provided with the foundation for knowledge acquisition and be able to take the responsibility of continuous lifelong education.

7. To instill in all our graduates, the sense of amanah and taqwa to Allah swt.

IKMAH will insha Allah, have the highest quality educational programs in undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, allied health, and continuing medical education which shall:

  • Promote life-long learning by focusing on scholarship and the skills for independent and critical thinking;
  • Educate outstanding clinicians with both an understanding of basic sciences and a high degree of competence and compassion in the diagnosis and treatment of disease;
  • Provide a strong foundation for training of both specialty and primary care physicians who are dedicated to delivery of superior health care; ·
  • Develop clinical and academic leaders who possess a strong foundation in research;
  • Foster the student-faculty relationship in an environment of cooperation that equally values education, research and clinical service.
  • provide a scholarly foundation in biomedical sciences for understanding the etiology, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease;
  • provide skills in clinical medicine necessary for graduate medical education and clinical practice;
  • develop effective communication skills for utilization in the care of patients and in interaction with peers;
  • Encourage ethical and moral behavior in the practice of medicine with reference to al-Quran and prophetic traditions;
  • Encourage a scholarly approach to medical problems and life-long learning habits;
  • Endorse a commitment to public health and community service.

Why choose IKMAH?

You will get:

  • professional, qualified, experienced staff
  • emphasis on developing leadership skills
  • a modern learning environment
  • the Islamic dimension
  • discipline and commitment
  • Quranic language fluency
  • strong emphasis on community health medicine
  • exposure to Prophetic medicine
  • exposure to problem-based learning
  • understanding of dimensions of Islamic civilization
  • continuous quality monitoring
  • development of attitude of taqwa and istiqamah


  • 2 years pre-clinical in Malaysia
  • 3 years clinical placements in Yemen
  • Hafazan of selected juzu’ of Al-Quran
  • Emphasis on Prophetic medicine and Islamic tradition of medicine
  • Islamic learning atmosphere
  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated instructors, local and foreign
  • Continuous quality assurance

Admission requirement:

  • SPM with 5 credit, minimum 4B in Maths and Sciences, and
  • Matriculation/Foundation from local universities, or
  • STPM, A-levels, Diploma in Science, or
  • Bachelors from related disciplines (transfer students)


  • Residential facilities close to the faculty

Sponsorship available:

  • PTPTN, MARA, Islamic Development Bank (IDB)*

* Terms and conditions apply

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For further information kindly contact: or OR

Tel: Siti Khalijah + 604 7202484 (Off) or Fax: + 604 7300948

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