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i) Universiti Al-Iman (Al-Eman University)
ii) Universiti Sains & Teknologi
iii) Universiti Yamaniah
iv) Universiti Andalus
v) Universiti Sana’a
vi) Universiti Wataniah
vii) Universiti Ibb
viii) Universiti Al-Ahqaf
ix) Universiti Darul Mustafa
x) Universiti Yaman

Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, President of Al-Eman University:

“The United States has proved to the world that it is the most oppressive nation in history. It is the country that killed two million people and displaced five million in Iraq by a lie it spread to the world. In all its accusations to its enemies, it fabricates lies and depends on its arrogance of power. The same way that it’s lie on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction was revealed, all it’s lies will be known, and its political leadership will be cursed throughout history!”

Interviewed By: Hakim Almasmari ( YEMEN POST STAFF ) Article Date: April 28, 2008

Yemen Post: When was the first AIDS case that you cured with your medicine?
Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani: Almost five years ago.
YP: Why have you not until now patent your invention?
AZ: Patenting the invention needs from us to cooperate with a strong authority and countries which can help us to protect the patent.
YP: Do AIDS patients stay under your direct supervision and under clinical examination while and after treatment?
AZ: This is an common practice imposed by the medical protocol as well as different steps which we follow. They need to stay under continuous examinations while they are being treated, and also for years to come, only to insure that no problems happen along the road. In medicine, this is a normal practice.
YP: It was announced in the media that Al-Eman University is ready to treat AIDS victims free of charge. Is that true?
AZ: Yes, we did announce to the public that we will treat anyone who has the AIDS virus free of charge. We know how expensive it is to get treatment and that is why we are ready to offer and treat patients for free.
YP: Including foreigners and non-Muslims?
AZ: Yes. Including foreigners and non-Muslims.
YP: Some people don’t know that you studied medicine. Has your background in medicine helped you in discovering the new medicine?
AZ: Yes, it helped me but in a different way. It helped me understand the sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) more. It gave me the chance and ability to deeply understand the miracles of the prophet’s words, and the deep meaning behind his sayings.
YP: You presented your new AIDS medicine in numerous medical conferences held in Yemen. Has there been any international interest, especially from authorities to adopt the new AIDS medicine?
AZ: Sure. There have been strong international reactions, but they continue to ask for more proof for my invention.
YP: What are these authorities or companies which have shown interest in your medicine? Can you name them?
AZ: Different companies, countries, and authorities, but I prefer that their names be kept classified until we reach an agreement with them.
YP: What are you going to do to globalize the new AIDS vaccine, and how are you going to help patients around the world?
AZ: We have a strong plan ahead of us, and I am very confident that very soon things will go well, and people will benefit from the medicine. We are here to help all people not looking at race or religion.
YP: You announced earlier that Al-Eman University will launch a satellite channel for defending Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Can Al-Eman University really launch such a channel and pay for it’s costs?
AZ: Of course not. But the university will do it with the help of those people who love their religion, and want to spread the beauty of it to others. Soon people will hear of our launch, and it will consist of a large number of programs including Islamic Science programs, and the miracle's of the Quran.
YP: Have you started?
AZ: We started marketing the channel to people who want to help us.
YP: Has the United Nation's Security Council erased your name from the terrorist list?
AZ: No. the Yemeni government tried, as it told us, many times but the United States still refuses to erase my name due to its aggression.
YP: What are the evidence that the United States has against you?
AZ: The evidence which they accused me of were weak, and most of the accusations were invalid according to the Yemeni law. For example, they accused me of standing behind the killing of Socialist Party General Secretary Jar Allah Omar, even though his case went to court and they erased all charges linked to me. The United States has a smart way to play its game, but during the last ten years people have understood that the United States are not honest.
YP: You said “most of the accusations against you were invalid”, which means that there are some that are true, what are the other accusations that are true?
AZ: None of them are true, but other examples are like the accusation of me standing behind the person who killed the American doctors in Jebla. They said that the killer was a student at Al-Eman University. After investigation, they found out that the person was not a student at Al-Eman University and never even entered the university. Besides, the trail for him was held, and my name was never mentioned in the trial. They bring up such accusations to blackmail me and Al-Eman University. Also, another example of their non sense accusations is that they said that I am a dangerous man because I have two names. Sometimes I introduce myself as Abdul Majeed Zindani and sometimes as Sheikh Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani. These are the biggest accusations the United States have against me.
YP: As a reporter, I can’t believe that these are the major accusations the United States has against you, and for sure there are bigger accusations, what are they?
AZ: They also said that I am the spiritual father of Osama Bin Laden. Why me? I have been living in Yemen since 1987 and I have never been to Afghanistan after that. I left Afghanistan in 1987 when the Soviet Union announced that it would withdraw from Afghanistan. At that time I announced to the Arab Mujahideen to go back home, and my opinion was different from Osama’s opinion who thought that Mujahideen should stay. I don’t know what is the American point of view when they think that I am the spiritual father of Osama Bin Laden! I am a preacher and I am not responsible for everyone who listens to my tapes or comes to listen to my speeches. Is it fair if all teacher and professors in the world are accountable for things their students do! Meanwhile, the Yemeni Government asked the Americans to show their evidence against me, and Yemen will trail me but they have not received anything.
YP: How does Yemen deal with your case and lifting your name from the terrorist list?
AZ: The president as well as the foreign minister confirmed that they do their best to lift my name from the terrorist list.
YP: Have there been any secret meetings held between you and the Americans?
AZ: No
YP: Why has the Islah Party left you alone to face America?
AZ: That is not true, in fact, the Islah Party in many situations, and in its conferences talked about my issue and condemned it.
YP: Everybody asks: How could Sheikh Al-Zindani agree with his past enemies (Socialist), and is now working with them under one agenda?
AZ: They made a number of changes in their policies, among them making Islam the source of all the legislations and confirmed that Islam is the religion of Yemen. After these announcements, their constitution became acceptable. The intellectual disagreement ended.
YP: Over the last few years, You have almost disappeared from the political arena, why?
AZ: Things became more complicated in the Yemeni political arena, and it looks like "destructive chaos”.
Making politics successful needs people to be together and under one vision.
YP: What is your opinion about what happened lately in the southern governorates, and do you agree with the Joint Party Meetings (JMP), for fueling the problems in the South?
AZ: I was the first person who advised the president about the south and its projected problems. No one took my words seriously, especially the president. One year ago, I told the president that people were complaining in the southern governorates and I asked him to form a committee to investigate these complaints. Many leaders from the Islah and the ruling party were there on that day including the late Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussien Al-Ahmar.
YP: What was the president’s reaction?
AZ: He told me that the information I have is wrong. But later, the events proved that the information he had was wrong and I was correct. I believe that there are some acts that cause the people to act this way. Even though I believe that every oppressed has the right to speak loudly and every objector has the right to express his opinion by the peaceful methods, but I don’t agree with people who want to tear Yemen and its unity.
YP: How do you evaluate the relation between the Islah, Joint Meeting Party, and the Ruling party after the last events?
AZ: The relation between them is according to the constitution. Islah Party didn't go to the streets holding weapons and is working through the framework of the constitution. At the same time, the ruling party uses its power and works in the framework of the constitution.
YP: Some political analysts believe that Islah Party only received more problems after it involved itself with the JMP?
AZ: This is an opinion, and every analyst has his point of view.
YP: Do you think that Islah Party has harmed you more than benefited you over the last year?
AZ: There are some people in the party who I disagree with personally, but overall the party has not harmed me whatsoever.

YP: Why you did you not nominate yourself for the presidency of the Islah Consultative Council? Is it because you are on the terrorist list and that would harm the party?
AZ: No. This was not the reason. The Islah party forces high ranking leaders not to elect themselves for the same position for more than three terms, and I have been the head of the consultative council three times.
YP: Is it true that the Yemeni government asked you to stay away from politics as a condition to not handing you to America?
AZ: The government can’t hand me to United States because the constitution prevents them from handing any Yemeni to any foreign authority. Again, if anyone has any evidence against me, they could hand them to the Yemen government.
America has proved to the world that it is the most oppressive nation in history. It is the country which killed two million and displaced five million in Iraq by a lie it spread to the world. In all its accusations to its enemies it fabricates lies and depends on its arrogance of power. The same way that its lie on the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was revealed, all its lies will be known, and its political leadership will be cursed throughout history!
YP: Do you have any final comments?
AZ: Thank you.

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Qiraat ......di Umm Al Qura


Faculties and Institutes
College of Da’wa and Usul-ud-Din
College of Arabic Language
College of Education
College of Applied Sciences
College of Social Sciences
College of Engineering and Islamic Architecture
College of Medicine
College of Community Service and Continuing Education
Institute of Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage
Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers
· many more…….

Department of Qera'at

It is a department of the College of Da'wa and Usul-ud-Din, Umm Al-Qura University. It is also one of the earliest academic departments in the College. It was established by virtue of the decision taken by the college's board in its fourth session held on Shaban 26 1402. Courses started at the beginning of the second semester of 1402/1403 A.H, when only male students were admitted into the Department, until 1420 A.H. During the early years, the number of enrollees was very small, so that a class would comprise seven students or slightly more. Afterwards, the number of enrollees increased largely till it became 35 students in the latest classes.
In 1421 A.H, after approving the establishment of a branch for girls, the Department started to enroll girls. There was very large numbers of female applicants (88 girls), in comparison with male students. Memorization of the Holy Quran and successful fulfillment of the interview were set as prerequisites for girls' admission.
The girls' branch of this department is considered as a source of pride and prestige for Umm Al-Qura University. This is because it is the only department through which girls can learn Qera'at and its sciences across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the other Saudi and world universities do not have a separate department for girls where they can receive such sciences.
In addition, courses are given by a number of male and female professors (nearly 66 professors).
Therefore, we come to know that, some years ago, Qera'at was a rarely-handled field. However, greater numbers of students have started to enroll, thanks to the perseverant and serious academic efforts exerted by the Department.
Admission Prerequisites:
They are the same admission prerequisites stipulated in the regulations as regards the admission of new students and set forth in articles (2, 3 and 4), the legislative rules of the Study and Exam Regulations for university stage, the executive rules applicable at Umm Al-Qura University, and the following prerequisites:
1- The earnest memorization of the Holy Qur'an
2- The successful fulfillment of the interview.

Admission prerequisites at the department of Qera'at in master's degree:
1- An applicant shall have the bachelor's degree certificate or an equivalent one in the field of Qera'at.
2- An applicant shall have the bachelor's degree certificate or an equivalent one in any of Shari'ah fields; provided that (s) he has an Ijaza (licentiate) in the seven Qera'ats that is approved by a recognized Qur'an reciter.
3- An applicant shall successfully pass the written exams and interviews held by the Department.

Degrees Awarded by the Department:
1- Bachelor's degree:
The Department of Qera'at awards the bachelor degree in ten Qera'ats, related through the chain of Ash-Shaatibiyyah and Al-Durrah.
2- Master's degree
The Department of Qera'at awards the master's degree in the ten major Qera'ats through the chain of Taybat al-Nashr.
Course Objectives at the Department:
1- Reviving the tradition of memorizing the Holy Glorious Qur'an and learning Qera'ats from the authenticated sheikhs generation after generation;
2- Reviving the science of Qera'at and spreading it among those who seek knowledge;
3- Studying the ten minor Qera'ats through the chain of Ash-Shaatibiyyah and Al-Durah, in addition to the ten major Qera'ats through the chain of Taybat;
4- Qualifying students of the Department in the different Qera'at sciences.
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Peringatan buat diri jua sahabat..

Pertama-tamanya tahniah diucapkan kepada setiap individu yang telah dilantik untuk memegang amanah tidak kira samada seorang presiden, AJK tinggi , exco atau hanya seorang ajk biasa. Jawatan yang disandang tidak lebih dari amanah yang dikurniakan Allah untuk menguji hambanya yang mana lebih baik amalnya. Bertambahnya amanah bermakna bertambahlah beban di atas pundak kita, makin sempit la masa kita untuk perkara-perkara lain.Semoga Allah mengurniakan antum dengan sebaik-baik kurniaan.

Satu perumapan yang sangat menarik untuk dikongsi mengenai orang yang menerima beban amanah ini, andaikan kita sebuah kepala keratapi yang menggunakan arang batu sebagai sumber tenaga dan membawa gerabak-gerabak lain di belakang. Begitulah kaitannya dengan kita, arang batu itu umpama amalan ibadah lazim kita dan gerabak di belakang itu umpama beban amanah dan tugasan yang kita pikul, makin banyak dan makin kuat arang batu dan tenaga yang dihasilkan melalui pembakarannya, makin laju keretapi bergerak walaupun banyak gerabak di belakang perlu ditarik.

Begitulah halnya dengan kita ,walaubagaimana sibuk kita dengan tanggungjawab yang ada, janganlah kita mengabaikan amalan lazim kita kerana kecacatan dalam menjaganya akan berakhir dengan kesesatan dan kebingungan hinggalah timbul soalan “untuk apakah aku bersusah-susah memenatkan badan untuk orang lain??”

Saidiana Umar pernah berkata , aku ingin menjadi insan yang paling bertaqwa di kala mana aku adalah insan paling afdhal di kalangan manusia. Lihatlah Umar, memimpin empayar Islam yang meliputi kawasan yang luas dengan segala macam pembaharuan dilakukan tapi dalam masa yang sama amalannya adalah yang paling baik di kalangan umat Muhammad. Hatta nabi sendiri memperakuinya melalui hadis yang berbunyi , “jika ada nabi selepas aku maka orang itu adalah Umar”

Kesimpulannya hubungan dengan Allah adalah yang paling penting , manakala jawatan dan tanggungjawab hanya alat dalam mencapai matlamat tersebut. Berikut sedikit muhasab yang boleh dijadikan kayu pengukur dalam menilai hubungan kita dengan Allah.

1. Solat : Seboleh-bolehnya berjemaah di masjid terutamanya solat Subuh

2. Al-Quran : Letakkan satu target dalam satu hari di mana kita akan cuba menyempurnakannya tidak kira di mana atau bila

3. Zikir : Lazimi zikir yang mana kita akan membacanya setiap hari, ma’thurat juga boleh dijadikan amalan

4. Puasa : Cubalah sedaya upaya berpuasa sekurang-kurangnya 3 kali sebulan atau setiap Isnin-Khamis

5. Qiamullail : INILAH SENJATA KITA YANG PALING AMPUH,berusahalah bangun malam sekurang-kurangnya seminggu sekali

msj dalam peti mail lagi

Kalau anda pikir anda masih islam
bacalah...kalau tidak......Allah saja yang tahu...

Message: Tolonglah ambil masa 2 minit untukmembacaini....kalau lebih duaminittu bukan membaca la tu..tapi mengeja.. :))

dengan Nama ALLAH yg Maha Pemurah lagiMahaPengasih...

Bayangkan benda ini berlaku pada anda.....

Suatu hari pada masa,Sembahyang jumaat yang di hadiri oleh lebihkurang1,000 jemaah...tiba-tiba masuk dua orang lelaki yang menutupi seluruh tubuh nyer dgn pakaian hitam.. tak nampak apa cuma dua biji mata and membawa mesin gun... lalu salah seorang lelaki tu bertempik

""Sesiapa yang sanggup MATI kerana ALLAH sila berdiri di tempat kamu"

Selepas mendengar amaran lelaki itu maka segeralah bertempiaran lari para jemaah itu utk menyelamatkan diri.... daripada jumlah yang 1,000 tadi tu hanya tinggal lebih kurang 20 orang sahaja yang masih berdiri di tempat masing-masing termasuk PakIman tu...

Lelaki yang bertempik tadi segera membuka tutup mukanya lalu melihat ke arah Pak Imam sambil berkata:
"Ok PakIman, saya dah halau SEMUA yang hipokrit, sekarang bolehlah PakIman mulakan sembahyangJumaat".... Lalu kedua lelaki tersebut berpaling dan meninggalkan jemaah....

Macammana.. adakah anda rasa lawak dgn cerita di atas .selain terhibur anda fikirlahlah..." Lawak kan , dari 1,000 org yg mengaku dia Islam hanya20 ygbetul-betul beriman... "" Lawakkan berapa banyak manusia yang mudah lupakan ALLAH bila menghadapi bahaya... kedua lelaki hanya membawa mesin-gun.. dia tak kata pun nak bunuh.. tapi generasi skrang.. amat lemah..barukena ugut terus lari lintang pukang.. lupa yg dia tak sembahyang jumaat lagi..."

"Lawak, ada juga yang agamanya cuma seminggu sahaja..tu pun bila time sembahyang jumaat.. tunjuk muka kat org kampung.. ada tu lagi dashyat setahun 2 kali aje.. bile time sembahyang raya...""Lawakkan, ramai orang percaya kepada gosip dan apa yang di tulis oleh surat khabar daripada apa yang tercatitdalam al Quran""Lawak kan , berapa ramai yg percaya duniahanyasementara, akhirat adalah tempat yang kekal, tapi berlumba-lumba mengejar dunia"

"Lawak, kita boleh bersembang dgn boyfriend ataugirlfriend berejam-rejam tapi nak berdoa kepada ALLAh alahai.. tak cukup masa..Jom kita fikirkan...

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Back to kem!!



Dah lama tak ber'camping' ni..kali terakhir penulis ber'camping masa penulis standard 6..pastu dah masuk maahad tak dapat dah nak bar'camping'2 ni...

Excited...takut..teruja..suma bercampur..dah lama x buat aktiviti lasak camni..Alhamdulillah akhirnya dapat jugak merasa nikmat ber'camping' ah!

:( ..

Tapi yang tak bestnya tempat camping yang mencabar dulu dah banyak berubah...dah byk renovate...dah byk kemudahan..bukan tak suka kemajuan tapi apa ertinya perkhemahan andai terlalu byk kemudahan disediakan..tak dapat rasa la nikmat perkhemahan sepenuhnya..

Kalau dulu tidur dalam khemah berlantaikan tanah ja.kelilingnya confirm2 hutan.xda pengadang..ikat tali rapia ja buat tanda kawasan..skrg dah ada simen siap dgn tikar getah dlm khemah lagi...bilik air pun dah besar....em pendek kata selesa lah dari dulu..untung adik2..

"Kenapa kamu lambat,?!kamu x dgr ka siren dah bunyi"

"Sapa suruh kamu balik khemah?!..saya kata tgu kat dewan!"

"Kenapa kamu tak dengar arahan..turun pumping 10!"

(bukanlah pumping mcm org dewasa pumping..kemampuan knk2 ja)

Kasihah adik2 dimarahi komander..maklumlah cara hidup di kem memanglah kna bergerak pantas ...suma kena berdikari dan hidup perlu saling bekerjasama antara ahli kumpulan..jadi mahu atau tidak adik yang sekecil darjah 3 pun kena hidup berdikari...
Satu ja pesanan penulis pada adik2, bila takut ke kena marah ke..zikir je byk2...insyaAllah hati jadi tenang..Ada satu peristiwa yang penulis btl2 kagum dgn adik2 skst, apabila black out pada malam perasmian,dalam keadaan yang kelam tiba2 semua adik2 skst berzikir dgn kuat..makin lama makin kuat..terkejut jugak komander2dekat situ..tak lama lepas tu alhamdulillah bekalan elektrik ada semula..bagusnye....~wondering~(ada fasi pesan ker sblm tu)

Pada malam pertama lagi telah diadakan slot muhasabah sebagai ganti slot kembara malam akibat hujan yang lebat pada malam itu..bukan apa,adik2 ni dah terlalu hyperaktif dan nakal menyebabkan para petugas kem terpaksa melakukan sesuatu utk men'low temperature'kan mereka..Lagu Ibu oleh mamat dipasang, nasyid Ibu oleh aeman juga didendangkan,apa lagi, menangis teresak2 lah adik2 skst..suara tangisan berlumba2 dengan deruan air hujan..sama kuat...kasihan juga tgk diorang..sebelum muhasabah dah kena marah dah..ditambah pulak dgn slot muhasabah..lagi laju la air mata yang sedari tadi mahu tumpah tu..
Tapi diorang ni pun boleh tahan nakal jugak..padan la kena marah dgn komander... :)

Apa pun awan mendung bertukar cerah apabila matahari menunjukkan wajah,hari esoknya kanak2 sekolah disediakan dgn pelbagai aktiviti yang menarik.Antaranya kawad kaki,paintball, wall climbing, flying fox dan orientasi...fuh cergas pulak adik2 ni berkejar ke sana ke mari..namun begitu ada jugak yang nak pitam..kelam kabut lah guru2 dan petugas2..adat lah...pagi tak mandi..lepas tu berjemur bawah matahari dari pagi sampai tgh hari..mmg lah pening..lepas makan pulak tergesa2 berlari apabila siren dibunyikan..emm akibatnya....phm2 lah..

Sayangnya satu..program yang cukup baik..namun nilai percampuran yang agak kurang sihat..walaupun masih di bangku sekolah rendah penulis rasa perlu ada juga guide2 yang mereka perlu bataskan.. terkejut jugak bila adik penulis yang baru datang ketika mengambil penulis berkata "awat campur truk sgt...mcm sosial ja"...penulis tidaklah melihat program ini sebagai terlalu sosial cuma mungkin apabila adik2 ni terlalu ghairah main game,bergelak ketawa, dn bercampur pula lelaki perempuan..ia nampak sedikit janggal bagi adik penulis yang dari kecil sekolah agama..Apa pun program in cukup baik bagi membina ciri2 kepimpinan dan juga semangat berpasukan antara ahli kumpulan..cuma unsur2 nilai rohani perlu diperkemaskan lagi agar lebih seimbang antara kepimpinan jasmani dan rohani.

Sekarang penulis dah berada di rumah..tak sempat mengikuti kursus sampai habis disebabkan ada masyaqah lain pula..diharapkan adik2 yang berada di sana selamat menempuhi halangan2 yang mencabar di sana.Selamat ber'camping adik2 ku :)